Mr. Datta Mahale has worked with us for the last 12 years. He performed his assigned job in very systematic way. He has achieved mastery in preparation of project bills for any big scale projects. He has prepared bills for various types of projects like Industrial, Commercial (City Centre Mall, Big Bazar), Major Bridges, Highway Projects. His billing system proves very simple for client/Consultant for verification as the billing system/Software being linked with excel formulas for various types of expected outputs by Client. It also results in zero error by minimum required manual input and very less time to get verified by Client. Datta Mahale has made all this system simple, easy and user friendly by developing excel based software for various fields of business.
We are using most of his software’s developed by Dattakrupa Softwares in our organization for building as well as for Highway projects since last ten years. Our users of these software are very much satisfied as the software being easy and simple to use even for new learners as it does not require much training to use the software. Hence I strongly recommend all of you guys to get one try and I am sure that you will be in love of these software’s by getting full satisfaction and peace of mind. Thank you Friends....

Suresh KuyateGM of ABL Infrastructure Pvt Ltd.

Hello engineering chasers, I am not here to promote business of my Guide (Guru) in civil engineering billing n estimation department, but also to reveal the truth behind this 100% genuine and unique products of civil engineering which are comparatively user friendly than other available stuff in market this days. I have been using this software's from since last 6 yrs. Takes short time to get understand the concept on and for which it is build. Visuals and handling are that much interesting that you can keep working continuously for hrs. & hrs. Generate so called micro details in single input (which are expected to the person who wants project details to and fro updated in just few minutes). Trained and expertise workshop provided by Dattakrupa Software's (as and when required). Quality customer support for any hassle. There are many more things to describe regarding the same, I strongly recommend you to at least have a look of free trial provided by the team…

Jitendra PagarSection Engineer at Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority

I had given a client billing work for one of my projects to Datta Mahale. Seeing the style of his work, I was quite amazed. Because my project's client billing was so nice that I did not required to see anything. I had never seen for this type of fast, clear and accurate bill work from anyone. And that's why I have awarded to all my project billing work to him and we are also using their software. Really Datta Mahale's billing experience is the glorious. They have built some softwares for project billing, bar bending schedules and subcontractors billing. And that's why the project billing work was completed in a very short time. I strongly recommend that use the Dattakrupa software project billing services and its software to every construction industry.

Pramod PatilMD & Chairman of Core Erectors Pvt Ltd.

Dattakrupa gives smarter solutions for Business Quote, Business Billing, Business Accounting, Material Management, Employee Payroll & many more. Now our firm using these software which help us to increase productivity & manage our business very well. I strongly recommend to Every Furniture Industry to use this software which Dattakrupa Software is giving....

Sanjay GunjalDirector of Woodcon Furnifab Pvt Ltd.

Excellent software work for Running Account Bill, Subcontractors Billing, Bar bending schedule, Project account & material management by Dattakrupa. We save our valuable time. Dattakrupa Software increase accuracy in our work. As well as very good online support by Mr. Datta Mahale for all our software work. We are very happy & proud to use this software

Sanjeev KumarDirector of Rishabh Infra & Kabir Saahib Construction

Dattakrupa teaching a smarter techniques for Automatic bar bending schedule, Client Billing, Subcontractors billing, material management & rate analysis… Now I am using these techniques which help us for Project Planning & Project Billing. Dattakrupa deliver exact knowledge which is needed for a Quantity Surveyor & Billing Engineer. Dattakrupa completed the gap between educational theoretical knowledge & practical work knowledge.
Thank u Dattakrupa & Datta Sir for Quantity Surveying & Billing training has helping me to get dream job. Instead, thank you from my heart and giving you to best wishes for your bright future.

Rahul SalveBilling Engineer for Fortune Constrotech LLP

Fortunately, I met Datta Mahale sir, in one of the construction project in Hyderabad. They are giving immediate output regarding project billing, bar bending schedules, consumption of steel, cement and comparative stalemates and they are awesome. One thinking is clear it user-friendly. I loved the software. You can see every time as per PO and as per work is done. Within in a week, I learnt it, I shot out the problems and I got awarded. Sincerely Thanks a lot to Datta sir.

S S Raghu RamQS & Site Co-ordination for JPR Pojects Visakhapatnam.

My friend told me about Dattakrupa Software. I immediately saw his online demo for Project Billing, Multipurpose BBS, Subcontractors Billing, Project Account, Materials Management and Workers HR Software's. I really like their software’s work. Everything was carefully added in to the software. And it was possible only because of Datta Mahale’ huge experience in this field. I had become fan of their software. I have been using this software from last 2 years on my project. In addition, you have to minimum input into the software and you get the maximum output, so that the project's office work is completed in very short time. The benefits of software has become very easy to manage our project. I strongly recommend every construction industry to use the Dattakrupa's software service.

Er. Kashinath KingeProject Manager of M/s Pawar Patkar Constructions Pvt Ltd.

In our construction project, daily lot of materials are coming in the store and lot of materials are consuming from the store. Apart from this we also have to do a lot of material purchases and we have to keep all the accounts of Suppliers. If we do not keep the account records of purchasing and suppliers well organised then we have to face lot of problems. But now by using this Dattakrwara's Material Management and Project Account software our all problems has been resolved. In that, the material is well organized and all the accounts of the parties are maintained. Moreover, this software is very easy to handle. It's easy to understand any new employee. By using the software, our Employees' working efficiency also increases and helps in managing our business. Hence we strongly recommend that use the Dattakrupa's material management and project account software to every construction industry.

Er. Navnath MogalProject Manager of GR Greenlife Energy Private Limited

While searching Google for Employee Payroll software, I found the name of the Dattakrupa software company. I immediately called to Datta Mahale. This gave me an immediate response and he gave me an online demo of employee’s payroll software. And really I was happy to see it because all the things I wanted were available in those software. I ordered them immediately and bought the software. After that we made updating the software very much according to our company's requirement, and they even gave it at a reasonable price. Thanks to Datta Mahale and best wishes for your bright future. I definitely recommend to the small scale industry to purchase this employee payroll software because many of its functions are easy.

Amit ThakurTax Consultant of Mustang Enterprises

All software easy and convenient for every civil engineering estimations & project billing work... As well as best for any official use.... Plzz go for this....

Er. Vishwadip Date